The Studio Story

by  Chloe McBride

I've been in love with make-up basically since I was old enough to hold a lipstick. For years I loved learning smart techniques and trying to master new looks.

Eventually I decided to make my  passion my day-job and trained to become a professional make-up artist. Since then it's been a whirlwind of lashes and glitter!


What I've learned on this journey is the importance of those who give you a push you need, teach you something or take a chance on you....and you only realise afterwards how grateful you are. I wouldn't have the Studio or the Academy without these people's help. 

This is the reason why we opened the Training Academy.

I've discovered that I really love to teach people and help them succeed, like others have helped me. 

And because of this, the mission statement of the Academy is simple-  to enable people to change their lives by boosting their careers and their confidence.

I, along with the other fantastic trainers, look forward to seeing you in the Studio!

  CmcB xoxox

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