Studio Services

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Make-Up // Bridal // Brows // Nails // Lashes // Hair // Skin 

Just message us to discuss or book one of our Studio Services. We'd love to see you in the Studio for the glam treatment, or to take care of the essentials.

M & T - closed   W - 1000-2100
T - 1000-1800   F - 0900-1700
S - 0900-1700   S - 1000-1600



Studio Price List

/Make Up/
Full Face /w Lashes - Director Chloe   40

Full Face /w Lashes - Make Up Artist   35

Full Face /w Lashes - Junior Make Up Artist   25
Tattoo cover up from   10


/Wedding Day/

Bride   50

Bridesmaid   45

Mother   45

Guest   40

Flower Girl   15


/Wedding Trial/

Bride   45

Bridesmaid   40

Mother   40


/Hair Styling/

Hair Up   25

Curls   20



Classic Gel Nails   30

Advanced Gel Nails /w art   35

Gel Infill   25


/Lashes & Brows/

Russian Fluffy Lashes   55

Classic Lash Extensions   40

Lash Lift   30

Henna Brow   25


/Skin Enhancements/

Dermaplaning   35

Chemical Peel  40

Facial   20

...see you soon


Booking Terms & Conditions

By paying a booking fee you are doing so in acknowledgement and agreement with the below terms and conditions.


1. Booking Fee

A booking fee (to be advised based on quantity and types of services) is required to secure the appointment(s) on your chosen date and time. The booking is not secured or entered into the diary until this has been received. The booking fee is non-refundable in all circumstances.


2.  Changes of Date or Time

Things do change, and we try to be accommodating. In the event of a date change within 6 weeks of the appointment date, a new booking fee is required to secure a new date. If the date is changed with more than 6-weeks notice of the appointment date, the change of date is free of charge, but is subject to availability. A single reschedule is permissible up to 12 months after the original booked date. If not used within 12 months or if a 2nd reschedule is required, the paid booking fee is void and another booking fee would be required to secure another date. 

If there is no availability to perform the requested service on the new date, the booking fee unfortunately remains not-refundable.


3. Change of Location

In the event of a change of location where the services are to be performed, there may be additional charges to add to the total – including for travel time, mileage costs and any overnight fees.


4. On the Day

We will advise the timeframe and schedule for the services. It is vital that the people to receive treatments are available within the advised/agreed timeslots.

If the services are to be provided on location (i.e. not within Chloe McBride Make Up Studio) then a suitable location for the services should be provided at the venue, including a high chair or stool (e.g. barstool) for the client(s) to sit on during the treatment, adequate space to work, and lighting (natural if possible).


5. Balance

The total balance (total price minus booking fee) is due no later than 7 days prior to the appointment date. The total balance is non-refundable within 7 days of the appointment date. In the event of a cancelation with more than 7 days’ notice, a refund may be due amounting to the total amount paid minus booking fees and any direct costs.


A. Booking Fee

A booking fee (to be advised) is required to secure the appointment(s) on your chosen date and time. The booking is not secured or entered into the diary until this has been received. The booking fee is non-refundable in all circumstances.

B.  Changes of Date or Time

You may request to change the date or time of your appointment and we will accommodate wherever possible, at the discretion of the Studio Director. Changes can be made up to 48hrs before the appointment. Any changes after 48hrs would result in loss of booking fee and/or a new booking fee being due for the new/rescheduled appointment. Cancelation within 24hrs of appointment or no-show will require full payment for the appointment. We will not be able to fill the time-slot you've reserved at such short notice. In the case of a no-show, full payment in-advance is required for a future booking.  If an appointment is to be rescheduled, an already paid booking fee is valid for up to 3 months after the original booked date. If not used within 3 months, it is void and another booking fee is due for a new/rescheduled treatment. 

C. Timing

Please arrive for your appointment a few minutes before your appointment time, or on time. If you're late it's possible we may not have enough time to perform your treatment, or may have to 'reduce the scale' of your treatment to fit the time available. 

D. Children & Friends

Please arrive alone - do not bring friends, relatives (or similar, unless they also have an appointment at the same time), or children. We unfortunately do not have space for non-customers, and we are not covered for insurance with young children around the studio so cannot allow this for health and safety reasons. Also, we really need your full attention for your treatment!


We are open fully 'as normal'. Temporary COVID-19 related rules relating to terms of booking have now been removed. However, some precautionary measures from this time remain. We may have to ask you to wait outside the studio for your appointment while we  clear and clean your station. We continue to limit the number of people within the Studio.  We will ask you to wash your hands or sanitise on entry. We ask that you continue to wear a face covering (mask) to your appointment and only remove it at your station when invited to do so. These measures will continue to be in place for the protection of staff, clients and family members for a time regardless of government's requirements changing. If you are unwell, as always, please re-schedule your appointment. 

F. Patch Tests. If your chosen treatment requires a patch test such as lash lift, henna brows or similar, it is YOUR responsibility to arrange this. It is not in our procedures to chase people up to arrange a patch test. You will need to arrange to come into the studio, and you will need to discuss with us in advance the day and time you intend to come in for your patch test, to ensure the studio is open and the person you need is available. We will not be able to come into the studio last-minute or out of hours to perform a patch test. You will need a patch test even if you have had the same treatment but at another salon, or if you have not had the treatment at our Studio for over 6 months. The patch test must be applied at least 24hrs before your appointment time. If a patch test is not applied at least 24hrs before the appointment, we will not be able to go ahead with the treatment as it would invalidate our insurance, and would be classified as a late cancellation within 24hrs (as per condition C above) with loss of deposit and full payment due.