Facial & Skincare Course

Kick start your beauty career with this hands on facial course! Tailored from basic mini facial to luxury facial with add on treatments.
Beginner level- No other experience required to do this course.

Qualification - Facial & Skincare


You will  develop skills in basic facial massage and skin care. Analyse skin types and functions of the skin, and be able to cleanse, tone, moisturise, and carry out a basic facial massage. 

What could I do next? 
Dermaplaning / Chemical Peel 

How long will the course last?
Student number dependant and subject to Home learning prior to the course. 


Location & Contact Details

Tel: 01501 229909

Email: CMMB-Training@hotmail.com

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67 E Main St, Whitburn, Bathgate EH47 0RF, UK